The Kilmarnock Experience

This weekends program for the Kilmarnock Experience can be found here.


Tickets on Friday evening are 5 pounds, doors open at 6.

Saturday Evening Tickets are £10 (starting qt 6:30pm with the John Findlay lecture.)

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Wellness Group

There is a new wellness Group starting on the 12th june which is for anyone who wishes to gain an insight into other ways and methods of creating a healthy, happier you.

So far we have the following dates:


12th June :- Mindfulness/ meditation

19th June ;-Yoga

26th June;- John Seery, Sound Bath

3rd July – Carole Macgregor, Fodd Intolerances

10th July – Complimentary Therapies

if interested please let Nadine know by texting/contacting her on  07762220862 so we are aware of numbers wishing to attend.

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Sally Buxton Charity Evening

Demonstration of Mediumship by

Sally Buxton

Monday 3rd June 2019 7:30pm

all proceeds raised will support Beautiful inside and out.


Tickets avaliable at the church


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The Kilmarnock Experience 2019

The Kilmarnock Experience 2019

The Kilmarnock Experience will take place this year on 2nd – 4th August

Our Seminar will be led by Eileen Davies and Gerard Smith who make a wonderful team. Together they will be presenting a practical program over the main two day seminar including:

-Furthering Spirit – Improving the methods of uniqueness and value in your message to spirit.

-To be spiritual – exploring the nature of Spiritualism in ourselves and in the world today.

-The pathway to Spirit – utilising spirit contact within for self awareness and meaning in our lives

-living in the now for a life that matters – how Spiritualism in you can benefit our world.

-Various workshops, lectures and activities focusing on spiritual self development, improving spirit contact in mediumship and using meditative and contemplative practices for a fuller sense of inner happiness.

The Saturday evening John Findlay lecture will be given this year by Mr Steve Parsons. Steve is a co-founder of Para.Science a co-founder of the SPR and a prolific figure in paranormal radio and television across the world.

He is the author of ‘Ghostology’ and ‘Paracoustics – Sound and the Paranormal’ he has just had his third book published by the SPR entitled ‘Guidance Notes for Spontaneous Cases’.

This will be followed on the Saturday evening by a trance demonstration by Eileen Davis.

Download application form here.

KSC KE2019 Poster


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Church closed Monday 6th May

Church is closed Monday 6th May for May day holiday.

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Thanks! (charity evening.)

The Charity Evening raised £536 thank you to all that helpe.

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Charity Night, Monday 8th

Monday 8th April

Charity night With Bev and Andy

Monies raised go to Idai cyclone appeal.

Tickets £5

a chance to win a voucher towards a meal at Cafe da vinci at kilmarnock.


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Todays development group (7th March)

At the Thursday development group on the 7th of March.

Chris Batchelor will take a philosophy group.

All Welcome

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Charity Evening Feb 4th

Tomorrow Evening (Feb 4th) @7;30pm we have a special charity evening with sally Buxton in aid of Harris Halliday, grandson of Elizabeth Halliday who is fighting ALL – Acute Lymphoblastic  Leukaemia.

ticket £5

Door opens at 7pm

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Happy New Year!

We open our doors for the first time this year with Esther Higgins.On Sunday 13th January 2019 qt 6pm

The Monday Night service is still on holiday.

Healing reopens on Tuesday 15th Jan 1pm, Thursday 17th at 6:45pm and Saturday 19th at 11am.

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