Membership fees

If you have an email address please send a ‘hello’ to as this will be an easier way to keep in contact with you.

Also, a reminder that membership fees are due as of January 2021 if you wish to pay this when church is still closed or talk to Nadine for any reason you can reach her on 07762220862


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Dear Members

This year has certainly brought many challenges to, all of us in each and every aspect of our daily routine. the meaning of our lives became distant and uncertain, filled with enduring changes and sadly also bringing to others lasting loneliness and heartache.

So, it may be through mixed emotions, many of us will move towards this Xmas and the end of the year embracing the warn memories of loved ones and friends though the yearning of simpler times but, as we acknowledge the many changes within our lives, let us all be gentle with our emotions and caring towards ourselves. By allowing the simple pleasures of sharing and giving perhaps that unselfish act of kindness and hope which we can give with our hearts which once unwrapped bestows the gifts of our soul to share strengthen the bonds that connect us to family, friends or strangers.

We hope this xmas will create for you memories to treasure and the ability to embrace those precious memories that your heart wants to share and through Gods love may the coming year present everyone with the gifts of their dearest dreams.

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Church Closed

** Due to government advice on the Corona virus, the church is closed until further notice.

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Church restarts 19th Jan

Church will reopen 19th January 2020 Sunday 6.00 with the  Divine Service.

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Remembrance Service collection

Our Remembrance Service Collection raised a total of £114 which has been sent to Erskine Hospital to help with their support ex-servicemen and woman. Thank you to all who contributed to this.

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Church subs/AGM

If you are an Asssociate, Senior or Full member Church Subscriptions are due as of 1st January and out AGM will be held on the 23rd February 2020 at 6pm.

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Monday 16th Service

For our last service of the year we would like everyone to wear a Christmas Jumper. Or anything Christmassy. There is a chance to win a christmas hamper. It shall be an uplifting night with all monies going to CHAS – Children’s Hospices Across Scotland.

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Candle Service Sunday 15th

We will be having our candle service on Sunday 15th December at 6pm. During our Divine Service we will have the opportunity to Light a candle in memory of a loved one in spirit.

We shall also be singing some Christmas Carols.



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The Kilmarnock Experience

This weekends program for the Kilmarnock Experience can be found here.


Tickets on Friday evening are 5 pounds, doors open at 6.

Saturday Evening Tickets are £10 (starting qt 6:30pm with the John Findlay lecture.)

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Wellness Group

There is a new wellness Group starting on the 12th june which is for anyone who wishes to gain an insight into other ways and methods of creating a healthy, happier you.

So far we have the following dates:


12th June :- Mindfulness/ meditation

19th June ;-Yoga

26th June;- John Seery, Sound Bath

3rd July – Carole Macgregor, Fodd Intolerances

10th July – Complimentary Therapies

if interested please let Nadine know by texting/contacting her on  07762220862 so we are aware of numbers wishing to attend.

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