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Speaker/Demonstrator Platform Presentation

Mediumship can be a wonderful thing, giving people comfort in the knowledge that the existence of the human soul is continuous beyond death

 Speakers/ demonstrators play a very vital role in  a spiritualist church service and standing on platform  for the first time in public can be a daunting experience

 During these sessions, you will be  guided how to prepare for such an event

As a speaker/demonstrator you are representing spirit , spiritualism, the church and yourself

 The way you present yourself from the podium is a reflection on the church, the religion and yourself

Therefore it is vital that  a speaker/demonstrator understands the mechanics of mediumship,how to present themselves and has knowledge of the history of spiritualism

 During these sessions, you  will be  guided how to develop your platform presentation, increase your confidence, explore your understanding and management of how you work, explore how spirit work with you , explore the structure of mediumship, develop your presentation skills and enhance your blending and attunement process

 The  Aim of  these sessions are  intended for the advancement of Aspiring and Working Platform Demonstrators or Speakers

Sessions will include:

Mechanics of Mediumship Deliver the message and understand your personal style Construct and deliver your address

Construct and deliver opening and closing prayers Creating Confidence Practical aspects of platform presentation

History of Spiritualism and SNU philosophy

 Although these sessions will not make you a better medium they will help you take your mediumship to the public with confidence and prepare you for your journey to platform speaking and demonstrating

If your focus is also as a Spirit Artist this can also be accommodated for you

Newcomers and long standing Mediums may benefit from these sessions

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