The Kilmarnock Experience 2019

The Kilmarnock Experience 2019

The Kilmarnock Experience will take place this year on 2nd – 4th August

Our Seminar will be led by Eileen Davies and Gerard Smith who make a wonderful team. Together they will be presenting a practical program over the main two day seminar including:

-Furthering Spirit – Improving the methods of uniqueness and value in your message to spirit.

-To be spiritual – exploring the nature of Spiritualism in ourselves and in the world today.

-The pathway to Spirit – utilising spirit contact within for self awareness and meaning in our lives

-living in the now for a life that matters – how Spiritualism in you can benefit our world.

-Various workshops, lectures and activities focusing on spiritual self development, improving spirit contact in mediumship and using meditative and contemplative practices for a fuller sense of inner happiness.

The Saturday evening John Findlay lecture will be given this year by Mr Steve Parsons. Steve is a co-founder of Para.Science a co-founder of the SPR and a prolific figure in paranormal radio and television across the world.

He is the author of ‘Ghostology’ and ‘Paracoustics – Sound and the Paranormal’ he has just had his third book published by the SPR entitled ‘Guidance Notes for Spontaneous Cases’.

This will be followed on the Saturday evening by a trance demonstration by Eileen Davis.

Download application form here.

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