Dear Members

This year has certainly brought many challenges to, all of us in each and every aspect of our daily routine. the meaning of our lives became distant and uncertain, filled with enduring changes and sadly also bringing to others lasting loneliness and heartache.

So, it may be through mixed emotions, many of us will move towards this Xmas and the end of the year embracing the warn memories of loved ones and friends though the yearning of simpler times but, as we acknowledge the many changes within our lives, let us all be gentle with our emotions and caring towards ourselves. By allowing the simple pleasures of sharing and giving perhaps that unselfish act of kindness and hope which we can give with our hearts which once unwrapped bestows the gifts of our soul to share strengthen the bonds that connect us to family, friends or strangers.

We hope this xmas will create for you memories to treasure and the ability to embrace those precious memories that your heart wants to share and through Gods love may the coming year present everyone with the gifts of their dearest dreams.

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