Dear Members and Friends

Our Festive Season again gathers it’s momentum of hustle bustle, chaos in organisation¬† and hope that all will be laughter and smiles on the day.

Yet even as we prepare for every eventuality of that most precious day,  we know in our hearts that something will be left in the oven, burned or spilled. Our determination, ensuring that  no shadow will fall upon the celebration, sees us exaggerating simple joys to propel us through the day. Enjoying through constantly embracing the pleasure of sharing and being in company with hugs, cheer and fun, which fuels the emotional sustenance and comfort for our soul to grow.

Perhaps later, as the sound of silence envelopes us, we may allow the smile to crumble and the tear to fall. Reaching out for the memories of our loved ones and friends, knowing that the gift they gave us has enriched every aspect of out lives. And because of the love which always connects our spirit with theirs, we will make tidy out homes, wipe away our tears and plan for another day. Because, that is who we are lucky to be….. we are loved.


May this year that greets us bring kindness , care and hope – with the whisper of your dreams becoming a crescendo of your reality.

Kindest Thoughts,

The Committee.

We will be reopening on Sunday 30th January. January is also the time for renewing membership subscriptions this can be done by cheque, bank transfer or in person when we return to church. If you are wanting to get in touch about this or any other matter feel free to contact Nadine on 07762220862

Or email

We look forward to hearing from you and are grateful for your ongoing commitment.


Peace, love and light.





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