Water Damage, New Arrangements, AGM

What a sad beginning to our year, water damage rendering our church in dire need of repair and making services impossible.

The good news is our church will be returned to all of us with improvements which will greatly enhance the warm welcome to all who will come through our doors. However, in the meantime our Divine Service will be Held in the Masonic Hall, London Road at 6pm starting 2nd April and will continue every second week thereafter. Usual tea and chat after the service.

on 2nd April there is healing after the service.

The Masonic Hall will also be the venue of the AGM witch will be held Sunday April 30th 6pm. Many thanks to those of you who have provided an email for the church. An agenda for the meeting will be sent to you three weeks before the AGM.

Any motions for the AGM may be sent addressed to the secretary or emailed to kilmarnockspiritualistchurch@hotmail.com to be received by 26th March 2023.


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