Modern Mediumshp with Chris Drew 9/05/15

Modern Mediumship With Chris Drew

Saturday 9th May 2015

From 10.00am – 4.00pm

On Saturday 9th of May Chris Drew Delivered a workshop on “Modern Mediumship”

He Started the day off by asking a little bit about us and talking about mediumship and the importance of conveying emotion as opposed to to just merely describing the loved one.

We were then guided to “sit in the power”

We then paired off into blind pairings where you had your eyes closed and connected to the spirt of the person across from you and described their personality. They would respond by giving you one tap for yes two for no and 3 maybe.

This was followed by using cards to inspire you about a sitter.

We also had a game of spirit bingo where we drew out a number then proceeded to give a reading to an unknown sitter in the audience

we finished off with one to one mediumship sittings using cards for inspiration.

Along with the Devine service on Sunday It was a very enjoyable weekend.