The Kilmarnock Experience 2015

This Years “The Kilmarnock Experience” is between Friday 7th August – Sunday 9th August

with Paul Jacobs and Linda Bennett.

This is an exciting programme of workshops , lectures and demonstrations all aimed at inspiring you to fulfil your own mediumistic potential and spiritual awareness.

This year Linda Bennett CSNU and Stansted Tutor Paul Jacobs, bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with us all, both are fantastic teachers, who work with such an enthusiastic and positive approach. Our weekends are fantastic occasions filled with enlightenment and education in an atmosphere of upbeat fellowship that is hard to beat. Now in the fourth decade of annual seminars, the fact that we have so many people from all over the UK returning time after time speaks volumes.

 Cost of Full Weekend is £75 £20 non-refundable deposit to secure place.

Book at the church or by calling – 07988688620

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Paul Jacobs


Paul has been a Spiritualist since 1983. The first Spiritualist church he visited was Wolverhampton SNU Church, in the West Midlands, England. In his own words “It was like coming home.” He recognised that he had found something, but did not know what it was.

The lady taking that first service was none other than Paul’s own great aunt, Lavinia, whom he had not seen for many years. Not knowing that she was a medium, it came as quite a surprise! A few months later Lavinia introduced Paul to Longton Church and Gordon Higginson. Gordon was not just President of the church but also President of the Spiritualists’ National Union, Principal of the Arthur Findlay College and one of the finest all- round mediums of the 20th century.

From that time on Gordon became a personal friend and mentor teaching. Paul not only to recognise but also to unfold his latent mediumistic gifts. Paul’s first public demonstration came in 1990 after 7 years of intensive development under the guidance of Gordon and Martin Young. For the next 2 years most of his public work was combined demonstrations with Gordon and Simon James, who was also under Gordon’s guidance.

1993 was a very important year for Paul. In this year he became a tutor at the world famous Arthur Findlay Collage. This was a major step forward because for the previous 6 years he had been organising courses, now he had to teach as well. Gordon passed to the world of spirit, and Paul took over as President of Longton Church. He also gave up his business to become a professional medium.

Linda Bennett


In her own words she was late developer in the world of mediumship. Her parents were mystified about my involvement in Spiritualism and thought  She had been kidnapped by a cult! She has three grown up children who have not yet shown any tendency to follow in her footsteps. When she entered Longton Spiritualist Church in 1997, she like Paul realised she was “home”.  Throughout the years since then she has been an active member of both Longton & Stafford Spiritualist Churches. Linda was on the committee of Stafford as booking secretary, Vice President and President for over 7 years, however the Spirit World seemed to have other ideas and she found herself standing on a platform taking services. Linda has had the privilege of working with a number of excellent mediums, including Gerard Smith,Tony Stockwell, Darren Brittain, Mavis Pittilla & Tim Abbott.


She feels she has great faith in the Spirit and hopes to inspire all those she meet to find that wonderful light within.  “This journey is a journey of the soul and about the self.  Too many people on this earth are unaware of the journey and appear to be sleeping through their lives. I believe we should all light up our own corner.  To be inspired to live a life where we strive to overcome our difficulties and see who we really are.”

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