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Unique Voice Workshop with Kate Barbour Sunday 23rd October 11am – 1pm


                unique voice group therapy session to let go of old narratives and replace them with the ones that resonate with our deepest longing for living a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

During the therapeutic session we use different vocal sounds to express the feelings and emotions that make these experiences so important for us. We can release the emotional charge that they carry.

If you would like to register please send an email to kate@singlikealark.com  or call on +44 07787 446 450.

after registration you can pay £10 directly to her buisness acount. then you will get sent a confirmation email to secure your space.

Please write “workshop” and your name.

For information:- http://singlikealark.com/yoga-and-singing/

Voice Yoga

 detailed information on how to book can be found on the notice board at the Church.

Trance Workshop with Minister Rita Flanigan,

Saturday 19th November 10am – 4pm cost £35

Building on the foundations

Following our October workshop we are going to build on those foundations.

We will recap (for those that missed it.) The basics and put that knowledge into practise. Educating you not only as the training medium, but also as the sitter for the medium to get the best results.

Bring your own lunch, tea and coffee available.


 ~Book through the church or call Nadine on 07762220862 ~

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