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 October 27th

10:30  – 16:30

Jacqui McGleish CSNUtdsr


The Spiritual Enigma

Spirit and psychic exploration. Exploring what lies beneath the human veneer, our spiritual self, and the depths of our soul.
One day course looking at:-  How our spiritual and psychic abilities vary from one to another, how to enhance these abilities and our spiritual awareness, harnessing the power within and using your unique ability’s to connect with spirit,

Covers all ability levels

please bring own lunch

Please book in advance as places are limited

Contact Jacqui McGleish 07969967406

or through Church with Nadine 07762220862


17th November

10:00 – 4:00pm

Ann Armstrong DSNU & John Seery CSNU


This workshop is entitled “Altered States” if you would like to know a bit more about Trance mediumship why not come along.

Places need to be booked in advance.

Please bring own lunch

 ~Book through the church or call Gayle on 07988688620 , Nadine on 07762220862 ~

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