Upcoming Services

Sunday 20th August – Rita Flanigan

Sunday 3rd September Moira Merryvale

Sunday 17th September Jean Murray

Sunday 1st October – Jacqui McGliesh

Sunday 15th October – Stewart Esler

Sunday 29th October – Ester Higgins

Sunday 12th November – Ann Armstrong

Sunday 26th November – Irene McGilvray

Sunday 10th December – Lesley McLean

Still at Masonic Halls London road Kilmarnock

Healing will be available after the service, doors close at 5:55pm

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with SNU President

Minister Jackie Wright

1st September 2023

Masonic Hall, London Road, Kilmarnock

Tickets £6

Sharp 7pm Start


Water Damage, New Arrangements, AGM

What a sad beginning to our year, water damage rendering our church in dire need of repair and making services impossible.

The good news is our church will be returned to all of us with improvements which will greatly enhance the warm welcome to all who will come through our doors. However, in the meantime our Divine Service will be Held in the Masonic Hall, London Road at 6pm starting 2nd April and will continue every second week thereafter. Usual tea and chat after the service.

on 2nd April there is healing after the service.

The Masonic Hall will also be the venue of the AGM witch will be held Sunday April 30th 6pm. Many thanks to those of you who have provided an email for the church. An agenda for the meeting will be sent to you three weeks before the AGM.

Any motions for the AGM may be sent addressed to the secretary or emailed to kilmarnockspiritualistchurch@hotmail.com to be received by 26th March 2023.


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Current Church Closure

The Church is currently closed. Repairs are currently being done because we had a burst pipe during the cold weather.

It will take a few months to fully repair upstairs. However when downstairs is useable we will be hoping to hold our healing sessions and possibly the divine service in the tea room.

Updates can be found here or our facebook page. Members will be sent letters regarding rescheduling of the AGM and subs can be paid through the bank or by cheque as we did during the covid closure. Please send your positive thoughts to the church and we hope to see y0u in the near future.

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Christmass message, Candle Service, Membership subs, AGM

Dear Members & Friends,

Christmass is many things beyond the burning of candles and the tradition of lighted trees.

it’s the being together with families, the laughter of children, the love of all those around you, and the longing of those apart. Christmas is the flame of faith, the hope of peace, and the love of all. Keep the love of Christmas in your hearts so you may be kept in it’s hope.

May the committee join you and your family in the spirit to wish you and yours the merriest and most memorable Christmas ever.

Kindest thoughts,

the Committee

Our candle service is on Sunday 11th of December at 6pm. It would be nice to see you all there. It’s the last service of the year where we will be lighting a candle in memory of those that are in spirt. At the end of the service you are welcome to take a candle home to light on christmass day for your own loved ones in spirt.

we will be reopening on Sunday 22nd January.

January is the time to renew membership subscriptions. This can be done by cheque, bank transfer or in person when we return to church.

our AGM meeting will be the 5th of March.

We would like to thank you all for your support and wish you all a merry Christmass.

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Unique Voice Workshop with Kate Barbour Sunday 23rd October 11am – 1pm

Unique Voice Workshop with Kate Barbour Sunday 23rd October 11am – 1pm


                unique voice group therapy session to let go of old narratives and replace them with the ones that resonate with our deepest longing for living a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

During the therapeutic session we use different vocal sounds to express the feelings and emotions that make these experiences so important for us. We can release the emotional charge that they carry.

If you would like to register please send an email to kate@singlikealark.com  or call on +44 07787 446 450.

after registration you can pay £10 directly to her buisness acount. then you will get sent a confirmation email to secure your space.

Please write “workshop” and your name.

For information:- http://singlikealark.com/yoga-and-singing/

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Charity Evening Total

The charity Evening with Isobel Cree raised £513 which went to the Trussel Trust Food Bank East Ayrshire. Thank you to Isobel, all that attended and to the donations we received.

We are still collectiong Ring Pulls fo NODA, thank you everyone that is brining these in.

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We will continue with contact healing as part of our divine Service on the first sunday of each month.

If you wish to know more about spiritual healing there are leaflets in the church or speak to Eileen, our healing leader who will be happy to help you.

Our tea room is now open after each service so if you would like to stay for a cuppa and a chat you will be most welcome all free at the moment but when we go back to the packaged biscuits there will be a small charge for these.

We have a Bring and buy table of New or Nearly New otems in our Tea Room, this is something we are trying to do with your help to raise church funds so if you have any item you can bring, we would be grateful, also after each Service there will be a member of our committee there so why not have a look and see if something catches your eye.

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Evening with Gerard Smith

Come and take time to

share an evening with

Gerard Smith. One of the finest Spiritualist Medium’s of the Age.

Join him as he shares some of the amazing mediumistic experiences he has witness over many years. Stewart Esler, Sean Taylor and Chris Batchelor will also contribute during the evening.

It would be great to have your company.

Do come along to

Kilmarnock Spiritualist Church

Friday 29th April at 7pm

Open to anyone with an interest in knowing this amazing truth from first hand experience.

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Dear Members and Friends

Our Festive Season again gathers it’s momentum of hustle bustle, chaos in organisation  and hope that all will be laughter and smiles on the day.

Yet even as we prepare for every eventuality of that most precious day,  we know in our hearts that something will be left in the oven, burned or spilled. Our determination, ensuring that  no shadow will fall upon the celebration, sees us exaggerating simple joys to propel us through the day. Enjoying through constantly embracing the pleasure of sharing and being in company with hugs, cheer and fun, which fuels the emotional sustenance and comfort for our soul to grow.

Perhaps later, as the sound of silence envelopes us, we may allow the smile to crumble and the tear to fall. Reaching out for the memories of our loved ones and friends, knowing that the gift they gave us has enriched every aspect of out lives. And because of the love which always connects our spirit with theirs, we will make tidy out homes, wipe away our tears and plan for another day. Because, that is who we are lucky to be….. we are loved.


May this year that greets us bring kindness , care and hope – with the whisper of your dreams becoming a crescendo of your reality.

Kindest Thoughts,

The Committee.

We will be reopening on Sunday 30th January. January is also the time for renewing membership subscriptions this can be done by cheque, bank transfer or in person when we return to church. If you are wanting to get in touch about this or any other matter feel free to contact Nadine on 07762220862

Or email kilmarnockspiritualistchurch@hotmail.com

We look forward to hearing from you and are grateful for your ongoing commitment.


Peace, love and light.





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