Christmass message, Candle Service, Membership subs, AGM

Dear Members & Friends,

Christmass is many things beyond the burning of candles and the tradition of lighted trees.

it’s the being together with families, the laughter of children, the love of all those around you, and the longing of those apart. Christmas is the flame of faith, the hope of peace, and the love of all. Keep the love of Christmas in your hearts so you may be kept in it’s hope.

May the committee join you and your family in the spirit to wish you and yours the merriest and most memorable Christmas ever.

Kindest thoughts,

the Committee

Our candle service is on Sunday 11th of December at 6pm. It would be nice to see you all there. It’s the last service of the year where we will be lighting a candle in memory of those that are in spirt. At the end of the service you are welcome to take a candle home to light on christmass day for your own loved ones in spirt.

we will be reopening on Sunday 22nd January.

January is the time to renew membership subscriptions. This can be done by cheque, bank transfer or in person when we return to church.

our AGM meeting will be the 5th of March.

We would like to thank you all for your support and wish you all a merry Christmass.

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